Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 10 February 2015

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In Attendance

Quick Updates

Clinton Graham (Pitt)

  • SUSHI-Lite
    • Basic JR1 r4 functional, TODO: AR1 r4.
    • New generic COUNTER class added - not part of OJS framework (really just a wrapper for DOMDocument construction).
    • General idea:
      • SUSHI-Lite plugin converts a request into ReportPlugin::getMetrics parameters
      • Counter plugin passes ReportPlugin::getMetrics parameters to a report for validation and processing
      • Counter plugin processes parameters into a COUNTER class
      • COUNTER class exports XML; XML can be resolved to XLS by the Counter plugin, or JSON by the SUSHI-Lite plugin.
      • Lots of TODOs for filtering and sorting on the SUSHI-Lite side.
    • Items NOT to be supported:
      • "Legacy Counter" metrics will be marked "obsolete". They will still be available, but the language will be clarified to indicate these are not COUNTER compliant.
      • There will be no support for COUNTER customers other than open access. Ultimately, COUNTER customers would (optionally) link to OJS Subscriptions, but OJS Metrics do not currently support the "who" for access reporting.

Marc Bria (Mbria)

Release Progress (Alec)

  • OMP 1.1.1-1 released, primarily to fix (ironically, the testing code to ensure emails were being sent properly prevented any emails from being sent)
  • Progress on OJS 2.4.6 slow; had estimated that we would be in translations by now, but still working on bug fixes. Updated estimate soon.
  • Next anticipated OMP release will be 1.2. Lots of new stuff will be included.

UI/UX (Alec / Kevin)

  • Rights attachment to submissions ported to OJS master (for 3.0) and OMP master (for 1.2) (Alec)
  • Spec work finished on Copyediting; making first steps on coding (Jason)
  • Reader front-end documentation (Kevin)

Release Automation

  • OMP 1.1.1-1 was a good chance to think about this. Some details. (Alec)

New Forum

Markup Best Practices

  • PHP scrutinizer
  • JS Linter, difficult, way too strict
  • JS Hint might be better

Translations (Marco)

  • remove (English) files that haven't been translated from locale directories?
  • updating Github documentation for translators
  • Branch information for pull requests

Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 10, 9am PST