Tech Committee Agenda 20 August 2013

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This meeting will be at UNAM in Mexico City, where we'll be for the PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2013.

Committee members, check your email for location and time details, as well as telepresence information for those who will be joining us remotely.

  1. Round of updates and in-person intros!
  2. Standing items:
    1. Discuss OJS 3.0 Development Priorities
    2. Discuss process: Getting feedback from the PKP community (continued from 16 July meeting). Barbara will provide summary of previous discussion prior to this meeting.
    3. OJS UX Review project -- brief update from Rachael Hu (CDL)
    4. Marc's multi-journal installation set-up: interest in a walk-through for the committee? Open it up to the community? Post a webinar/documentation on the PKP wiki?
  3. Brainstorm our vision for this group -- where would we like to take things?
  4. Anything else?