Tech Committee Agenda 18 June 2013

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  1. Welcome to our new at-large committee members: Bozana Bokan (Free University Berlin), Marc Bria (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  2. Quick round of updates
    1. What have we all been working on PKP-wise?
    2. Any particular needs that the group can help with?
  3. At-large membership: one more member to invite
  4. 3 volunteers from members committee - status?
  5. Reviewing our mandate, cont'd.
    1. Charge #1: provide technical input and advice on PKP’s software development methodologies and priorities. A couple of meetings ago, the group came to the consensus that PKP priorities and methodologies are unclear. We are working towards fixing this so that we can begin to give input.
  6. Committee communication
    1. Google group
    2. IRC? There is a #pkp channel on
  7. PKP AGM and conference in Mexico City, August 19-21
    1. Who is going?
    2. What are our goals for the PKP Tech Committee meeting there?
  8. Next meeting: how about Tuesday 17 July, 2013?
  9. Anything else?