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  • I like the reduced emphasis on the column title by graying them out.
  • I like changing the pencil icon to an expand icon. User feedback indicated this was confusing.
  • I preferred the grid row lines. I found it easier to track the information unit when it was confined within row lines
  • I preferred having more space between the rows. Again, I found it easier to track with more space.

--Kstranac (talk) 19:59, 9 May 2014 (PDT)

  • Liking this move a lot.
  • The + sign: Let's think out what we are using it for. Info; Delete? Then on Plugins? It is usually a folder function to see the files within, so we need to redefine it clearly and consistently.
  • As currently designed, there may be a little too much prominence on the + icon when it is not a key element for attention. Suggest we experiment with a less visually weighty icon, perhaps with gray-scale or by creating the plus sign by using something with four squares, sort of like this
    Plus Sign
  • I's also like to play with how close the icon and name are, so that it is more of a unit, rather than two things.
  • Note how the plugin name has no particular visual prominence against the description provided. The name is the first thing that needs to be scanned, the description is secondary. Maybe use all caps or small caps for plugin names, or gray-scale back the description. The idea is when the page loads the eye is drawn to the column that matters. This again needs to be consistent across grids, in this case, grids with names and descriptions
  • On Alec's point about separating grids, I am proposing that tabs include lines that frame all that is within the tab, and perhaps we can continue that style with other grids without tabs.

--Jwillinsky (talk) 13:58, 12 May 2014 (PDT)

  • Without the horizontal lines, I think the grids risk getting buried in pages that have other content; it won't be clear where the grid begins and ends. I'm not wedded to the horizontal lines for this -- we could look at alternatives like a solid border around the entire grid.
  • We're using or proposing to use "+" for a few things...
    • Expanding nested content (to collapse/expand categories in a grid)
    • As an icon for the "Add" grid action
    • To expand the row action tray as a replacement for the pencil icon.
    Some or all of these uses need to be visually distinct. I like the current "+" for grid "add" actions. We're already using icons that look like ">" (closed) and "v" (open) for "content on demand", which is conceptually similar to expanding a category row.

--Alec (talk) 15:19, 12 May 2014 (PDT)

  • Don't see a problem of using the icon + for grids categories. I know we use it as a symbol of adding items, but the visual is totally different, and as John said, the way the icon is resembles too much a folder collapse icon, which is really common because windows use it a lot. So, related to this icon, I have no doubt that users will understand that it's expected to see more items related to the parent one on click, and not add item.
  • My problem was using it for row actions also. That's really strange, because it's the same action (open content and hide content when clicking) but the expected content is completely different. If we use the same + and - signs for row actions, users will get confused expecting more grid rows, instead of row actions. I think that now, the icon that we already use (> and v) works good here.
  • Not using grid row lines makes me feel clean, but a little bit confused, specially for plugins grid, that has a lot of content. One thing that might help a lot is using hover action to show a different background for the row you are hovering with your mouse pointer. I know, mobile will not have it, but I think it's a compromise we will have to assume if we are going on the no lines direction. At least for non mobile users this suggestion would solve the problem.
  • Grid ending can be clarified by a simple line. Grid starting it's already solved. Grids that don't need a title will always have something to "start" them. A text, a tab, etc. Grids without those external elements will have grid title, and it will solve the starting problem. I don't like vertical lines on both grid sides, I think it only adds more noise.

--Beghelli (talk) 10:43, 15 May 2014 (PDT)

With regard to Plugin Grid of May 29th

  • Tremendously improved
  • Spacing between plugin should be as per Article Gallery Plugins and not Citation Format Plugins
  • I'd like to see Verdana compared to Arial, as I suspect Verdana is more readable on the screen.
  • The + and - for Plugin sections is hard to see (see my earlier note on this).
  • Not clear about "Upgrade" -- is it upgrade is available or check for upgrade or what exactly?
  • Side issue -- descriptions are not really helpful and need work.

--Jwillinsky (talk) 22:20, 29 May 2014 (PDT)