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Regarding John's proposal

See revised proposal [1]

  • Alec’s questions
    • Should it be possible to add Auditors both in 2 and 3? (John says probably not.)
      • Add should just be to Step 2. In Step 3, the auditor who uploads a file is listed. A CE may have to upload a file for an Auditor, but the CE could check it and work on it and upload it directly to the 4., with a note to that effect.
    • What is the role of 4378-Metadata? Is this a file, or is it actually the submission metadata?
      • 4378 is the ID number, and in the Dashboard provides full authors, title and submission date; in the Editorial Workflow, if we decided to provide full authors and titles (which I show here), it would only provide date submitted. Metadata would provide the full metadata for the submission, as per our current OMP arrangement.
    • If there are multiple copyeditors, how are their copyedited files distinguished in 2?
      • There can only be one copyeditor assigned to a file, but different types of files may require a different type of copyeditor (e.g., design, statistics) to be assigned. Once assigned, they have equal access to and upload status for steps 2 and 4, but that shouldn't be a problem.
    • How are file assignments to copyeditors handled? Can the selections be changed?
      • Editor does the assignment (although we could automate this). CE can be deleted and another one assigned.
    • Why are we using a Notify action to contact Auditors, and a Promote-style modal to notify Copyeditors? Can the two be reconciled?
      • I don't/understand. When you select ADD CE or AUD it gives you a notify email and prepared message.
    • How generally does approval happen at the various levels?
      • In 2., the Autidor sees the CE file to download, with perhaps "Please download and review all copyedits and Author Queries (AQ) and make any changes and/or add notes as required. Once the file is downloaded, you will be able to (a) upload the file; (b) add a note about the file; or (c) Approve the file as is, using the button so named." For 3., the Copyeditor need to consult all files and prepare a "fair copy" to upload to 4. With 4., the Editor or the Copyeditor needs to approve and send to Production in one step (which can be repeated should something get missed).
    • What’s the difference between “Auditing copyedits” and “Copyedit needs audit”? Both indicate that a file has not been uploaded by the auditor yet. Is the status change triggered e.g. by download the file? I've now changed to "Auditing underway" as more consistent.
      • I can work on these but Auditing copyedits" is file downloaded and auditing is underway; "Copyedit needs audit" (or perhaps "Audit yet to begin") is intended to suggest it audit has not started, and Auditor needs to be notified or deleted.
    • Colour coding -- inconsistent with elsewhere (notify; notes in particular)
      • I so want consistency. I am trying out the idea that TASKS is in red and so are all the task-related elements, namely Notify, Notes (still to be read) and the related Status notes, which are prompts for the task (I revised the wireframe to show that).
    • Sending files to production directly from 1, 2, or 3?
      • If Editor sends files to Copyedit, then they need to be looked at by Copyeditor before sending to Production, thus CE looks and if perfect loads directly to 4. and sends to Production, leaving a record of having looked at them. In 2 and 3, same deal, the files need to be looked at and uploaded in 4.
    • How does resend for production work?
      • Okay, rethink on this, given CDL's request for total record keeping. If a file is further copyedited, then it will need to be uploaded under a new name, with a PR2, with an intervention on Production to ensure that the right goes forward, such as deleting the original PR, but maybe not, as the layout editor can see same file name and later date in history or PR2 in file title.
    • How are auditors/copyeditor acknowledged?
      • Failed to allow for this: Auditor Status would need to include, in these cases, a THANK Task with link to prepared email (see revised version). SEND TO PRODUCTION would need to trigger Acknowledgement email to Copyeditor, which could be sent for each file or with the last one or skipped if CE has power to send.
  • Kevin’s questions (where not covered above)
    • Is there a way for the copyeditor to move the files to the next section without downloading/uploading? E.g., Move to Auditing button?
      • See above re "Sending files...";
    • The Add Another Copyedit/Audit Round button -- are the same auditors used? What happens to previously initiated but not completed audits?
      • Unfinished auditors can be ignored, or deleted (but not from the History). New audit rounds are so rare, that we'll give them a clean slate, with no auditors assigned.
    • What happens when a Copyeditor wants to move an audited file to Production-Ready? Is a download and upload required?
      • Copyeditor can move a file to 4. at any point. This move to 4. indicates it was reviewed and is ready to be approved.
    • How do files arrive in Production Ready?
      • File are only Production-Ready if they have passed the copyedit stage -- everything checks out -- and are clean (of track-changes). The copyediting stage is done.
    • What is the status “Audit needs consult”?
      • These are Copyeditor status prompts, and it means that the Copyedit needs to consult the audit, in this case the Notes and not the file. Might be better as "Consult audit notes."
  • General take-aways:
    • The notification process is inconsistent (copyeditor vs. auditors)
      • See above, and open to suggestions.
    • Unnecessary upload/download cycles might be required, which should be avoided; especially the case where this will involve selecting the file that’s been revised.
      • Minimum of one download, as file must be looked at if it has been sent to Copyedit, as Copyedit can be skipped and file sent directly to Production from Submission or Review. However, the one upload to 4. is necessary for approval by Editor. We could build in a step in 1. that once a file is downloaded, a button appears SEND TO PRODUCTION beside file name in 1.
    • The operation of additional rounds needs to be specified
      • When the Copyeditor clicks on ADD ANOTHER... then 2a, Copyedit Files and 3a. Audited Copyedit Files appear and are blank and await the CE to upload a copyedited file to 2a and add an Auditor to it, who will upload the audit to 3a.
    • Not sure the use of 4 (or more) separate grids will clarify the workflow
      • Not sure either. This was my take away from CDL's strongest critic, re where's the sequence? This is now a sequence. But open to suggestions that will clarify the process.

--Jwillinsky (talk) 17:37, 26 June 2014 (PDT)