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Ideas from Alec:

Some ideas for multilingual file uploads: 1 - Use a modal for all multilingual file uploads. Have each possible language appear as a tab within the modal. 2 - Use a minimalist upload tool (less real estate) instead of plupload and use the same popover approach as we use for other multilingual inputs. 3 - Use the batch upload capabilities of plupload and then add a subsequent interface to associate images with languages. (OK, just for the sake of a 3rd option.)

Comments from Juan about Alec's ideas:

1 - This will get clunky, I think. 2 - This would be my preferred approach, but we need to identify a good widget. I suggest this is a good time to scour the internet for alternatives to plupload. 3 - This one is likely significantly more complicated and problematic from the implementation point of view.

Comment's revision

From Alec about the other file types widget mode:

We don't have a good pattern for the following common set of elements:

- File upload field/widget to replace existing file, or upload initial version if creating new content - Link or preview to allow download of current version, if any - Indication of data re: existing file (name, MIME type, size...) - Delete action, for situations where the file upload is optional (e.g. issue covers)

The differences between image uploads and non-image uploads are... - Image uploads need to present an "alt text" field - Image uploads can contain image previews, potentially with a download link; other types just have a download link

There is enough overlap here that there's still a good case for a single widget to handle both. --Beghelli (talk) 09:57, 5 July 2013 (PDT)