Structure of the PKP European Network

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Structure PKP Network & Roles of moderators (regional ones and technical one) and PKP

Role of regional moderators: to collect and to make first review / analysis of the input; liaise with other moderators and PKP.

Role PKP: review input and state of developmental affairs and take care of communication: report back to moderators and the community which features will be taken up by the PKP team and which not (incl. motivation).

PKP Email list: - for moderators and PKP contact person (Kevin); - to discuss what’s going on; - to evaluate the process.

Discussion site: - Dynamic area where community input will be posted and discussion can take place; - Open to everyone; - Monitored by regional moderators.

WIKI - Publish state of affairs; software developments in progress; who’s doing what? - Sign up for development activities; - Collection of training materials.


Posts 1. [start] A User in the community posts on the Discussion Site a suggestion / idea / comment about the editorial workflow; 2. The moderator receives notifications by RSS; 3. Moderator answers the user if needed. [end]

Management of posts 4. [start] The moderator collects all posts and analyses and communicates with PKP and other moderators via PKP Mailing list; 5. Developments found to be of interest for the broad community (decided via this list) are brought to the WIKI. [end]

Development 6. [start] Technical moderator posts technical details on the WIKI; 7. Technical network people respond / contribute; 8. Once specifications are finished, people in the network can “sign up” / indicate they will start developing; 9. On the WIKI state of affairs in the network will be given by the technical moderator; who’s doing what?[end] Communication 10. [start] Once in x-month an update will be sent from PKP to all participants of the network >> in the central PKP project? [end] (Is there a sort of a news letter or blog right now?)

Workflow 2 1. [Start] User posts question about how the editorial workflow works; 2. Moderator receives notification by RSS; 3. Moderator answers and redirects to the appropriate PKP support forum. [end]