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PKP 2011 Hackfest - Social Networking Project

What is this?

OJS is partially a representation of traditional journal publishing practices in an online form, but it is also an experiment in developing beyond traditional forms in directions that are only possible online. Social Networking is one of these directions.

Social Networking, broadly speaking, is the development of online communities through common interests. In the context of an academic journal, this could be:

  • Subject-based discussion groups, potentially leading to Open Reviews (see the related Open Reviews project)
  • Promotion of research through social networking tools such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook
  • Collaborative development of research, leading to the creation of a Journal Article
  • Integration of networks into publication processes, such as a public forum being used to help identify potential reviewers
  • Public annotations

What might be done in this project?

Social Networking is a particularly broad subject, so the first challenge in a social networking-based project would be to define a particular aspect of social networking to work on.

We hope to encourage participants to bring their own ideas, but to keep the development time limited to something that is possible within a few days, we suggest focusing on integrating existing applications rather than embarking on a major development effort.