Reviewer File Limitation

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In OMP (and presumably other applications) it should be possible to assign a specific subset of review files to each reviewer. (See

In OMP, for example, this would help to allow reviewers to be assigned to various chapters of a monograph, all within the same review round.

Suggestion 1

Add a category header for the columns to make clear what their content are.

Assign reviewer listbuilder.png

NOTE: As per talk, the file list would be presented in a Selectable Files Grid, initially hidden but with a Checkbox ("do not allow all files to be viewable by reviewer") or Accordion to reveal it when Editors need fine-grained review file selection.

Likewise, a Row Action would need to be added on the Reviewer's name in the Reviewer list to allow the Editor to modify the set of files that was permitted in the above modal in case a mistake was made.

Review page annotated.png

The reviewer's interface need not change at all, except that the list of files should be limited to the subset selected in the above screenshot, rather than the full set of review files for that round.

Suggestion 2

Use the same "category grid" solution that is chosen for Copyediting processes. See Copyediting.


  • Makes the Editor conversant with the same set of tools for both processes (review and editing)
  • May allow considerable code reuse between Review and Copyediting


  • The Copyediting process doesn't have a fully resolved spec yet
  • It's potentially more complicated for situtations where reviewers aren't normally assigned different sets of files (e.g. typical situation in OJS)
  • Will require considerable rewriting work beyond what's envisioned for Reviews