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Overall Editing Stage

From John:

In Setup 4.5 add a third item to “Select one”:
( ) A copyediting stage will not be employed in this journal.

From James:

Presumably also add the same as above, but for Layout Editing and Proofreading.

Some journals, incl. Coaction, don't use OJS for editing at all, and really just need to be able to work directly with an external typesetter after the review process is complete. So maybe add an option to "send to external typesetter" for copy/layout/proofing, at which point the Review process is marked complete, and the Editing process is triggered, but with only an option to upload final galleys and schedule for publication.


From John:

With Continuous Publication and APF, the “Publish in” pulldown is set at current volume and year (and can be overridden), APF reminders can be sent to authors and the level paid is noted (for editor verification). The “record” button publishes article to current volume. Publication replaces Scheduling and is placed below Proofreading, as the final item in the new Production stage for OJS.

1. CHANGE...

Schedule for publication in  [To Be Assigned]   [Record]


Publish in  [↓Vol 4., 2013↓]    APF: Pending  	 	[APF Reminder] 
Publish in  [↓Vol 4., 2013↓]    APF: Level I    2013-12-2	[APF Reminder] 
Publish in  [↓Vol 4., 2013↓]    APF: Level 1   2013-12-2	 [APF Reminder] 
[Record]    Published 2013-12-23  in Vol. 4, 2013 by Jwillinsky

Without APF or Continuous Publication selected, the “Record” button still appears in the Publication Section of the article, but this only adds the article to Table of Contents (where the “Publish” button is located).

Publish in  [Vol 4., 2013↓]    
[Record]    Sent to Table of Contents 2013-12-23 by Jwillinsky