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Ideas for plugins in the near future or in recent development.

  • Continuing Education Plugin (See Glenn Hymel's conference presentation.)
  • OJS Scholar's Portal / NLM plugin (from UofT)
  • "Featured articles" block plugin
  • "Most viewed articles" block plugin (in the works JPA)
  • Site-wide sidebar plugin in conjunction with the customBlockManager (in the works JPA)
  • Categories/countries plugins (assign a country or a category to a journal) (in the works JPA)
  • Browse by country/category/alphabetical (with above plugins) (in the works JPA)
  • Site statistics block plugin (in the works JPA)
  • Latest issues published block plugin (in the works JPA)
  • Site/journal homepage plugin (allow the arranging of blocks on the main section of a page, perhaps with drag-and-drop)
  • File conversion plugins (e.g. ICE, Docvert, Google Docs, XSLT aka XML galleys, GD, ImageMagick)
  • Metadata import plugins; lookup: CrossRef, OAIster, CiteSeer, Amazon, PubMed, ISBNdb, WorldCat, LibraryThing, OpenLibrary, SRU/SRW, Z39.50, generic OAI-DC; parse: Freecite, Parscit, Paracite, Regexp from L8X
  • metadata extraction plugin (OxS): detects metadata in ODT file and returns an array of key-value pairs; potential support for style templates (eg. ICE); already have code ported from L8X
  • Citation editor plugin (OxS): UI replacement for references textarea to hook parse/lookup into COinS-type HTML
  • Auto-convert plugin (WAL): allows configurable hooks at points in the workflow (submission upload, review version, layout/galley upload) to create derived format(s) using source_id; trick is enabling 1:n from enabled conversion plugins
  • Auto-COinS plugin (WAL): generate COinS in HTML/abstract view for marked references in textarea
  • OpenURL plugin (OxS): allow specifying an OpenURL resolver on a per-user basis (or override-able journal default); HTML post-processor to rewrite COinS as OpenURLs
  • OpenURL plugin (Harvester): refactor current OJS resolver plugin to support OpenURL 0.1/1.0 syntax; fuzzy searching using lucene etc. if available; allow specifying a default OpenURL resolver for delegating failed requests (with a possible interstitial page, parameters like CrossRef, etc.)

  • A Project Management module could be created and made available to all PKP software. It would combine the features of the Subscription Manager with that of a more general business manager. This module would allow hour figures or other costs to be associated with various parts of the workflow (e.g., a journal article's copyediting hours; a conference's keynote speaker's expenses; etc.). Each copyeditor, proofreader, layout editor, etc. would be required to enter the number of hours spent on their work. The hourly costs could be aggregated for a submission, multiplied by a dollar figure, and produce the cost of the article. This could be combined with each article's cost in an issue to produce a cost of issue report. An article's cost could be divided by its views to produce an interesting cost per view feature. This module would also help conference managers to keep careful account of the event's costs vs its funding.