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Ideas for plugins in the near future or in recent development.

  • Continuing Education Plugin (See Glenn Hymel's conference presentation.)
  • OxS Document Conversion plugin (using ICE / Docvert / Google Docs)
  • OxS OpenURL resolver plugin; to be ported to Harvester
  • OJS Scholar's Portal / NLM plugin (from UofT)
  • "most viewed articles" block plugin (in the works JPA)
  • "featured articles" block plugin
  • site-wide sidebar plugin in conjunction with the customBlockManager (in the works JPA)
  • categories/countries plugins (assign a country or a category to a journal) (in the works JPA)
  • browse by country/category/alphabetical (with above plugins) (in the works JPA)
  • google search plugin (google site search embedded in OJS) (in the works JPA)
  • site statistics block plugin (in the works JPA)
  • latest issues published block plugin (in the works JPA)
  • site/journal homepage plugin (allow the arranging of blocks on the main section of a page, perhaps with drag-and-drop)