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PKP WAL Overview

The PKP Web Application Library is a shared codebase common to most or all PKP applications. Upcoming versions of PKP Harvester2, OJS and OCS will be developed using this abstracted code library. The WAL will include common code functions such as for user management; common libraries such as ADODB and TinyMCE; common template and style files; and common locale files. The WAL is not meant to be a standalone program; rather, it is being developed to reduce bugs, reduce code duplication and overhead, and to provide a basis for future application development and modularization. The PKP WAL is included in the distribution and can be found in lib/pkp there. Its CVS module is "pkp".

Development Roadmap

You will find the PKP WAL development roadmap for 2009 below. The first PKP application to ship using the PKP WAL is Harvester 2.3, followed by OJS and OCS 2.3. The initial OMP 1.0 release will also ship using the PKP WAL.

Future Development

This list isn't all-inclusive, but should give a good snapshot of current areas of interest.

User Interface Development

  • Better Notifications of actionable workflow items
  • Support for jQuery

Networking and Communications Development

  • Implementation of social networking/communications tools for Facebook, Citeulike, Slashdot, etc.
  • More robust notification options (email and RSS)
  • Enhanced comments system

XML Support

  • Enhanced XML->HTML/PDF rendering support based on the XML Galleys plugin (see XML Publishing Roadmap)
  • Support for XPath using PHP4/5 libraries (and possibly DOMit)
  • Pre-validation for NLM XML export, e.g. PMC Style Checker

L8X Functionality

  • Additional plugin classes: metadata import (parse/lookup), file conversion
  • File conversion based on plugins: XSLT, Docvert, Google Docs, ICE, GD, ImageMagick, etc.
  • Metadata detection/extraction plugin based on ODT document parser
  • Improved configurability and usability of metadata schemas
  • Citation editor plugin based on L8X citation UI (with AJAX-based improvements)