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The PKP European Network is a loose collaboration of institutions and organizations interested in using and advancing the software applications of the Public Knowledge Project. It embraces a diversity of communities, from different languages, and with locally-determined goals and objectives. The Network's purpose is:

  • To provide a forum to discuss common issues of PKP software users.
  • To collaborate on possible joint-funding opportunities, to sustain both PKP and local projects.
  • To share experiences of best practices developed in the implementation of local projects and initiatives.
  • To expand the opportunities for community participation in the future technical development of the PKP software applications. This could include the identification of specific development tasks that could be undertaken by members of the Network, as well as the initiation of joint-development projects.

The initial focus of the Network will be on the more commonly used PKP applications, including OJS, OCS, and eventually OMP. Attention may also be directed toward the OHS if a specific need arises. The broader objective of tying these applications together in an Open Knowledge Environment will also be of interest to the Network.

For its part, the Public Knowledge Project will collaborate closely with the Network, respond to input and feedback, be available for technical and policy consultations, and participate in workshops or presentations. As well, PKP will look to the Network as the representative of an important sector of its software user base, and take careful consideration of its expressed needs as part of the ongoing development of the applications.

SPARC Europe is supporting the establishment of this network.

Current Topics

Network / community details

Technical Developments