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PKP is currently working on an XML publishing workflow whereby article components (submission documents, citation lists, article metadata) are transformed into NLM XML for subsequent use in the publishing process. This meta-project consists of numerous sub-projects, and is itself directly inspired by PKP's Lemon8 project.

Previous iterations of this project include the OJS XML Galley Plugin (a standard component of OJS), the Citation Markup Assistant (also a standard component of OJS), and Lemon8 (an external application, since retired). The current focus of the project is on converting OJS submission drafts into NLM XML, which can in turn be converted to HTML and PDF galleys.

Project Contacts


  • | Demonstration Instance (this is unlikely to produce publication-ready results currently, but can be useful for getting most of the way to good output, if you're already accustomed to getting your hands dirty with markup!)
  • Note that we're still feeling out the capacity of the demonstration instance, so please get in touch if the server appears to be significantly slower on one day than it was previously -- it might be time to scale up.

PKP XML Conversion Service

PKP is developing a standalone service for converting unstructured documents in a Microsoft Word or LibreOffice compatible format to structured NLM JATS XML, and from there, creating attractive, usable HTML and PDF article views from the XML. This is intended to decrease the labour involved in the layout stage, and facilitate the creation of archive-friendly and web-native article formats (as well as facilitating indexing in PubMed Central). This work has been funded by Stanford University's MediaX incubator under the direction of John Willinsky since 2012.

We are also providing an OJS plugin which integrates into the OJS workflow and treats this parsing service as an API, which will be available in OJS 2.4.5. In 2013, we released an early proof of concept of this functionality, which we are now redeveloping in combination with the Open Library of the Humanities.

The code for the webservice, as well as documentation for querying the API, is available | here. The results are perpetually improving, but we have not yet decided when or if it will be officially declared to be out of (or in) beta.

The code for the OJS plugin is available | here. Currently, the only plugin settings that can be configured are the desired Citation Style for the Journal and the desired CSS for the HTML version of the parsed article, if you don't want to use our provided CSS. Currently, the plugin is designed to generate new XML/HTML/PDF galleys from the markup server, replacing existing galleys, every time a new review or layout version of a submission is uploaded. This will change in a future version, but for now, be careful not to overwrite existing files if you don't wish to use the markup plugin workflow exclusively.

XML Publishing Document Archive

The following information is provided for archival/informational purposes only.

Lemon8-XML Community Documentation
Citation Mark-Up Assistant Development Roadmap
XML Publishing Roadmap