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PKP is currently working on an XML publishing workflow whereby article components (submission documents, citation lists, article metadata) are transformed into NLM XML for subsequent use in the publishing process. This meta-project consists of numerous sub-projects, and is itself directly inspired by PKP's Lemon8 project.

Previous iterations of this project include the OJS XML Galley Plugin (a standard component of OJS), the Citation Markup Assistant (also a standard component of OJS), and Lemon8 (an external application, since retired). The current focus of the project is on converting OJS submission drafts into NLM XML, which can in turn be converted to HTML and PDF galleys.

Project Contacts

DIGO (Draft In, Galley Out) OJS Plugin for XML HTML and PDF Output

This project implements an OJS plugin for producing NLM standard article XML, as well as pdf and HTML document versions for any article uploaded to an OJS journal.

This plugin will have an enabled/disabled state, and will have a few settings fields. One field will enable selecting a CSL style (that pertains to the OJS journal) from a dynamic list. This controls the format of citations and bibliography entries. Another setting will control whether a pdf version of the article intended only for reviewers is produced. As well, an upload field is provided to send a header image for inclusion in pdf and html versions. Finally, using the OJS file manager, Journal Managers can change the styling of displayed documents.

When an author, copyeditor or editor uploads a new version (odt, docx, doc, or pdf format) of an article, this module (using a separate thread) submits it to the pdfx server specified in the configuration file. The following files are returned in a gzip'ed archive file (X-Y-Z-AG.tar.gz) which is added (or replaces a pre-existing version in) the Supplementary files section.

  • document-new.pdf (new version of original pdf or other file format)
  • document-review.pdf (included for reviewers only, it has first page author information stripped out)
  • document.xml (NLM National Library of Medicine standard xml)
  • document.html and related graphics
  • document.bib (a bibtex text file of reference data)
  • document.refs.txt (a text file of the article's citations and their bibliographic references, formatted according to selected CSL style. It provides an indication of which references were unused in body of article.)

If the article is being uploaded as a layout publish, this plugin will extract the xml and pdf versions when they are ready, and will place them in the supplementary file folder so that web options can be provided for viewing.

This process is triggered each time an article is submitted to enable the bibliographic reference work to be available at early stages of review and during copyedit.

XML Publishing Document Archive

The following information is provided for archival/informational purposes only.

Lemon8-XML Community Documentation
Citation Mark-Up Assistant Development Roadmap
XML Publishing Roadmap