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This page is no longer maintained. Please see the new [[OMP Roadmap]].
This page is no longer maintained. Please see the new [[OMP Roadmap]].

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This page is no longer maintained. Please see the new OMP Roadmap.

Development Roadmap

You will find the OMP development roadmap for 2009/2010 below. Please note that these dates are not fixed. OMP is being developed in partnership with Athabasca University Press.

A few links that describe our future progress:

Milestone (Q2, Q3 2009) Completed

The initial part of 2009 was spent on cleaning up the code in OMP from a "development" version to something that was very much in line with PKP coding guidelines and styles. As of the end of Q2, OMP became "new feature ready"™. Q3 has been largely spent on readying the Setup pages and introducing various elements related to the UI overhaul. Historical information on development features can be found by browsing the CVS Repository

Communication, coordination, and the direction of the software all received a lot of attention in Q2/3; by working on these aspects of development, we were able to complete some of the important objectives for this time, including:

  • scope the general dynamics of the system
  • assemble implementation plans based on new specifications
  • create bugzilla entries to break work into manageable tasks
  • discuss and gather requirements for new features and components

Milestone (Q4 2009)

During the 3rd quarter of 2009 it was decided that OMP would be the first of the PKP software to introduce an overhauled (re-worked) user interface (UI). Several of Q4s milestones are related to this UI-related work, both in the PKP library and in the OMP application. By the end of Q4, OMP should no longer need any major structural re-factoring. The major functionality-related achievement for this milestone will be the Press Setup, which will be completed by December and will be used as a springboard for development in the new year.

UI specifications

  • various UI artifact (element) specifications (Grids, Modals, List Builder, etc)
  • site navigation reworking specification
  • user home (dashboard) specification
  • choice of CSS frameworks (general layout and form)

Structural changes

  • classes/templates/smarty modifiers required for creating forms
  • classes/templates/smarty modifiers required for Grids (login required)
  • classes/templates/smarty modifiers required for the List Builder
  • smarty modifiers/jQuery required for Modals
  • smarty modifiers/jQuery required for Confirmations
  • establish pattern for AJAX request/callback

Application-level implementation

  • Complete all aspects of the Press Setup
    • UI: implement new HTML Form structures throughout
    • UI: add new Grids and Modals
    • custom role management (for all stages)
    • book file types
    • publication formats
    • cataloging metadata
    • libraries
    • Misc. (trivial settings also to be implemented)
  • CSS framework to be implemented (reworking most/all templates)
  • navigational overhaul

Milestone (Q1 2010)

Q1 is slated to be a functionality-driven quarter. The goal for this quarter will be to add in the bulk of the workflow items to the existing code. Major challenge for this is the introduction of the new file-centered workflow (vs. submission centered) introduced by the new specifications. First pieces of "L8X functionality" will also be introduced in this quarter.

UI Specification

  • user home (dashboard)
  • File upload modal
  • Information center
  • details of workflow pages

Structural Changes

  • file storage and handling to accommodate file-based signoffs
  • items related to flexible workflow???

Application-level implementation

  • basic version of User Home (dashboard)
  • Submission process
    • implement file upload UI
  • internal/external review
    • implement Information centre
    • extend Grids to File Grids
  • copyediting
    • including Citation Checker
  • proofing

Milestone (Q2 2010)

Q2 will be a clean-up/rounding out of the application. All the previously coded sections will be fine-tuned and expanded (made feature-rich) as well as tested. The user home (dashboard) will also be programmed during this time. In this quarter, the "back-end" of OMP v. 1.0 will be made essentially complete. Work will begin on all public facing pages.

UI Specifications

  • review existing implementations
  • public facing pages

Structural Changes

  • NONE

Application-level Implementation

  • begin implementation of all public facing pages


  • finalize public facing pages
  • integrate notifications
  • reading tools
  • other uses of L8X-functionality beyond Citation parsing
  • review/port plugins
  • subscription/payment modules
  • port any additional functionality from OJS


  • fill in locale data
    • add any missing localization keys
    • write/review all text
    • prepared emails
    • help files