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Development Roadmap

You will find the OMP development roadmap for 2011 and onwards below. An older version of the roadmap can be found at the OMP Roadmap pre-2011, but the text below reflects the current progress and the current plans.

We use this document for the allocation of resources and as a public record of our plans and progress. OMP is being developed in partnership with Athabasca University Press.

A few links that describe our future progress:

  • There are several Bugzilla Entries that outline some of the upcoming work.
  • The specifications we are working from are here
  • and this PDF has a snapshot of our progress and features in Scope for a 1.0 release

Completed Milestones

Framework-level changes

The development of OMP in the last year has been primarily focused on building the PKP framework to provide a solid foundation for all the PKP applications. Several sweeping changes have been added to the PKP codebase, including:

  • authorization framework (increased security)
  • AJAX/component framework (for dynamically loading components)
  • A complete Javascript widget/event framework extension to jQuery (for reusable and robust javascript)
  • CSS framework (for easier modifications of CSS)
  • Form Builder Vocabulary (for creating standardized forms throughout the system)
  • metadata framework (to crosswalk, import, and export different metadata types)
  • navigation divided into "super-navigation", "navigation", and "sidebar navigation" for easier use

OMP will feature a completely new workflow from that offered by OJS. As such, the PKP team has been busy specifying and building the new workflow. Important changes include:

  • multiple files per submission
  • flexible (editable) roles (each press can specify what roles take part in each step of the workflow)
  • users can sign-off on individual files
  • files can have notes and messages attached for better record keeping

OMP also features an entirely new set of User Interface components to display information with less text and more icons.

  • Heavy use of Grids with users or files as rows and icons across columns to indicate who has seen/signed off on a given file
  • A list-builder widget to quickly and easily create lists

All of the above have already been built into the system. The frameworks, workflow, and user interface components can all be re-used within OMP and across the PKP suite (eventually). This brings OMP up to 2011 Web standards and practices and positions PKP software for another decade of serving the academic community.

Specific features

A detailed list can be found in this PDF. Items in green are finished or mostly finished and yellow indicates they are in progress. Remember that not all items are equal effort or time to completion.

The following pages have been completed (although may still require some changes) Author

  • Author's Submission Wizard (submit a monograph to the press in 4 steps)
  • Author's Submission dashboard (author can view and interact with monograph throughout workflow)


  • Editor's Submission stage page and grids
  • Editor's Review Stage page and grids
  • Editor's Copyediting page and grids (75% completed)

Managing Editor

  • Setup pages (for implemented features)
  • Access/Security settings


  • information centre (to view/add notes and to send notifications on files)
  • multi-lingual capabilities (overhauled from OJS)

Future Milestones

There are many small features and a few large ones outstanding. For the sake of brevity, we list only the major features here, others can be viewed in the PDF linked above.

  • Catalog management pages (featured books, organizing series/divisions, etc)
  • Public Facing pages (what readers see/use to browse)
  • User Dashboard (users can see all their pending tasks and submissions and act on them)
  • Press Role dashboard (for most users to see the files they need to signoff on and act on them)
  • Search


  • August 21, 2011 - Review progress with Athabasca University Press
  • September 26-28, 2011 - Presentation of OMP at Third International PKP Conference in Berlin