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This section will focus on issues related to the review page of the editorial workflow.




Issues identified include:

  • Review workflow iconography is not clear (CDL PPT, P57)
  • Review Workflow: On the Review Window, more clearly label or visually indicate there are potentially two formats for an incoming review. (CDL Report, P. 88)
  • Review Workflow: In particular, on the text form review area, add more cues (either text or visual) that indicate there is more information contained in this area. (CDL Report, P. 88)
  • Late reviews do not show up as tasks for Editors (CDL PPT, P58)
  • The default templates for when a decision is made, do not include the type of the decision (just says “Our decision is to:”...) meaning that either the default templates must be updated or every pro- forma email must be edited; Solution: Update the default templates to include the decision (e.g. “Our decision is to: Accept”) (UP Report, P. 23)


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See: OMP Workflow Revisions


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