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This section will focus on the Production page.




Issues include the following:

  • Galleys, Galley Files, galley approval process not clear (CDL PPT, P61)
  • Add a Layout Galley modal confusion (CDL PPT, P62)
  • Galleys: Galley container and galley file creation needs to be more intuitive and appear in a visually linear process with a step by step outline so that Editors can understand clearly that they are creating a container for the galley files and that the galley files will be published together when they are ready to do so. (CDL Report, P. 108)
  • Galleys: Also, users must have clear instruction over what the galley area can and cannot do. For example, the galley area cannot convert files into PDF or HTML. (CDL Report, P. 108)
  • Galleys: There needs to be clear instructions throughout OJS for both file-level and article-level metadata and where each will appear at every stage. This understanding is especially important with galley creation so that Editors or Journal Managers understand that there is complete descriptive information for their articles. They want to be aware of which metadata is associated with which files at all times. (CDL Report, P. 108)
  • Auditing: Create clear instructions for what an Auditor is and how it should or could be used to assist with the editorial process. Indicate if it is optional or mandatory. (CDL Report, P. 110)
  • Auditing: Re-think the flow of assigning certain journal users to specific articles. Consider a more direct interaction for assigning additional users to article level activity. The Participant list is not intuitive and it is not clear that users need to add an auditing user to the journal through Users & Roles and then the Participant list before selecting "Add Auditor” by the files they want audited. The ability to add users as Auditors should be fully functional within the “Add Auditor” screen without the use of the Participants tool, which only serves as an unnecessary middle step. (CDL Report, P. 110)
  • Article Publication Area: All the steps in the article publication process should be laid out in a linear path similar to the proposed layout for the pages within the editorial process. All publishing steps, such as publication date selection, should be clearly laid out with complete transparency at all times so users can anticipate their next steps. (CDL Report, P. 131)
  • Article Publication Area: Add a time field next to the date selection mechanism so that users can set a time for publication. If publication times cannot be set, then at least inform the users with explanatory text the time when a publication would occur on a current date as well as a future date. (CDL Report, P. 131)


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