OJS Roadmap

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OJS Roadmap
Future directions for OJS
Less linear workflow
Status: TBA
Less downloading and uploading req'd for workflow
Possibility of using a single file for all workflow and tracking changes rather than submitting new files for each stage (perhaps with drag and drop, with copies left behind for documentation)
Better support for pre-prints
Status: TBA
"In press" section for articles that are currently in holding for actual publication.
Thesis Workflow Tool
Status: TBA
OJS as a thesis submission and tracking system.
SFU Library has a project on the books to develop a more robust thesis workflow tool.
Status: TBA
import transaction/rollback
more flexible statistics
arbitrary metadata gateway
Dspace export
user/article thesaurus/controlled vocabulary
user tagging
ACL:based permission classes
WYSIWYG special character handling (e.g., tinyMCE extension for latek)
"login as" behavior should be limited in certain contexts
centralized role management for plugins
featured article plugin/block
user friendly error handling/logging
local private messaging system a la phpBB