OJS 2.3.7 Recommended Patches

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The following patches are recommended for OJS 2.3.7.

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Applying Patches

Patches can be applied to the codebase using the GNU Patch Tool (available on most *NIX platforms, and as a free download for Windows-based systems).

Each entry below links to the Bugzilla record for the bug in question. Patches are linked from there. Patches against OJS should be applied with the -p1 option from within the OJS installation directory; patches against the PKP library should be applied with the -p1 option from within the lib/pkp subdirectory.


Note that security-related and other critical patches will be clearly identified as such; otherwise, patches should not be considered critical.

Bug #7233: Fix image upload issue with non-english languages
Bug #7231: Undefined constant in JBImages
Bug #7229: Warning in OJSPaymentManager
Bug #7401: Reference to "Press" in locale file
Bug #7406: Fix OJS 2.1.1 upgrade issue
Bug #7410: Supplementary files listing does not display files
Bug #7412: Prevent due dates from being overridden in successive review rounds
Bug #6900: Submissions with tags in titles truncated to '...' in submission lists
Bug #7411: Article title tags displayed in page head/title
Bug #7422: Issue select box spills over into sidebar
Bug #7423: Editor decision date defaults to current date when not set (e.g. from import)
Bug #7425: Favicon missing on help and interstitial pages
Bug #7427: Favicon missing on reading tools and editor comments pages
Bug #6495: Favicon doesn't display in Internet Explorer
Bug #7438: CIDR suffix removed from IP range for institutional subscriptions
Bug #7275: MergeUsers errors when updating comments
Bug #7681: Check for bots in all cases when incrementing view counts
Bug #6331: Notify Users email CC function broken
Bug #7776: Books for review assignments not transferred when merging users
Bug #7717: Call time pass by reference