OJS 2.3.3-3 Recommended Patches

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The following patches are recommended for OJS 2.3.3-3. They can be applied to the codebase using the GNU Patch Tool (available on most *NIX platforms, and as a free download for Windows-based systems).

Each entry below links to the Bugzilla record for the bug in question. Patches are linked from there. Patches against OJS should be applied with the -p1 option from within the OJS installation directory; patches against the PKP library should be applied with the -p1 option from within the lib/pkp subdirectory.

Note that security-related and other critical patches will be clearly identified as such; otherwise, patches should not be considered critical.

Bug #6219: Subscription end date resets to expiry default
Bug #6097: Unexpected counter log data loss on upgrade
Bug #6133: Upgrade to 2.3.3-3 Doesn't correctly update version
Bug #6115: citation assistant: remap ctrl+a = save+approve and ctrl-c = cancel to make sure that copy/paste is not overridden
Bug #6119: "References" header appears when there are no references
Bug #6048: Fatal error searching submissions from Editor home
Bug #6220: Upgrade process incorrect for OJS 2.1.1 and prior to 2.3.3