OJS 2.3.3-2 Recommended Patches

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The following patches are recommended for OJS 2.3.3-2.

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Applying Patches

Patches can be applied to the codebase using the GNU Patch Tool (available on most *NIX platforms, and as a free download for Windows-based systems).

Each entry below links to the Bugzilla record for the bug in question. Patches are linked from there. Patches against OJS should be applied with the -p1 option from within the OJS installation directory; patches against the PKP library should be applied with the -p1 option from within the lib/pkp subdirectory.


Note that security-related and other critical patches will be clearly identified as such; otherwise, patches should not be considered critical.

Bug 6246: OJS 2.3.3 upgrade fails on PHP4
Bug 6023: PostgreSQL groups upgrade fails when content in groups table
Bug 6025: Fatal error with HTML galley image view function
Bug 6035: Fix broken link to pkp.css
Bug 6022: Error when uploading a replacement supplementary file
Bug 6063: Upgrading from 2.2.4 to 2.3.3 fails with PostgreSQL
Bug 6068: User interests controlled vocab entries check assoc_id without specifying assoc_type
Bug 6052: Misnamed variable in templates/article/article.tpl
Bug 6072: saveReviewFormResponse missing validate() call
Bug 6070: Fatal error when managing Article Submission fee
Bug 6054: New article notification sent to journal manager but the URL leads to an editor page
Bug 6036: PHP fatal error when clearing reviewer
Bug 6076: Plug-In version entries are not properly being installed/updated
Bug 6458: Subscription verification bypassed with custom galley identifiers
Bug 6689: Article cover image does not check file type (Critical)
Bug 6695: Books For Review cover page upload file type not validated (Critical)
Bug #6696: File uploads should not trust supplied extension (Critical)

WARNING: This release is out of date and this list may not be further maintained. Upgrading is recommended.