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Objects For Review Plugin for OJS

This is the user documentation for the objects for review plugin for OJS. The plugin is developed in the project "Functional extensions and value added services for OJS" [1].

Enable the plugin

The plugin can be found under Journal Management > System Plugins > Generic Plugins > Objects For Review Plugin. Then click on the link "Enable" below.

OJS OFR Plugin.png

Image 1: Objects For Review Plugin

After the plugin is enabled, you will see the following Objects For Review part on the editor's page:

OJS OFR Editor menu.png

Image 2: Objects for review plugin menu for editors

Click on the link "Review Object Types" to install or create new review object types, to update the installed, and/or to manage the existing ones.

Click on the link "Objects For Review" to set up, create and manage the objects for review. (Note that an active review object type must exists to be able to create an object for review.)

Review Object Types Management

Install default review object types

Choose one or several existing default review object types and languages and click on the button "Install" (s. Image 3).

OJS OFR ROT Install.png

Image 3: Review object types installation

Update review object type

If an existing default review object type has been extended with additional metadata, translated into a new language or if it's existing translation has been improved, you can update the review object type for that specific language. Select the desired review object types and languages and click on the button "Update" (s. Image 4).

OJS OFR ROT Update.png

Image 4: Review object types update

Edit review object type

You can edit the title and description of a review object type, manage the metadata list, and preview the form for the creation of the objects for review:

OJS OFR ROT Edit.png

Image 4: Edit review object type

Manage review object type metadata

The reposition of the metadata can be changed (for the objects for review form). Further, you can choose which metadata are required and which should be displayed in the public object for review list. Press the button "Save" to record your changes. If necessary, you can add new metadata (click on the link "Create Review Object Metadata"), and edit, delete as well as copy them to another review object type (choose the created metadata and the review object type from the list and press then the button "Copy").

OJS OFR ROT Metadata.png

Image 4: Review object type metadata

Activate review object type

When your review object type is perfectly finished and ready to be used, click on the link "Activate" to be able to crate objects for review of this type.

OJS OFR ROT Activate.png

Image 5: Activate review object type

Deactivate review object type

If you don't want the objects for review of a type to be created any more, deactivate the review object type by clicking on the link "Deactivate"

OJS OFR ROT Deactivate.png

Image 6: Deactivate review object type

Objects For Review Management

There are three menu elements for the objects for review management: Assignments, Objects For Review and Settings.


First define the mode your journal is working in: 1 - the available objects for review will be published under a new menu "Objects For Review" in the horizontal navigation, interested authors can request the objects for review and the editor will be able to manage the object reviewers. 2 - editor matches object review author submissions to each object.

Define the weeks the reviews are due after. If the automatic e-mail notifications should be send to the reviewers before or after the due date, define the days when the notifications should be sent.

Finally, add some more information that will be published along with the objects for review.

OJS OFR Settings.png

Image 7: Objects for review settings

Objects For Review

Here you can see the list of the created objects for review. You can filter them by the editor or type, search for words in the title or abstract, and use the table column titles to sort the list as needed. You can also delete an object and create a new one. Depending on the mode your journal is working in (s. Settings above), you will also be able to assign an object to a reviewer (in mode 1) or to select an article that contains the review of the object (in mode 2).

OJS OFR ObjectsForReview 1.png
OJS OFR ObjectsForReview 2.png

Image 8: Objects for review

Create objects for review

Choose a review object type and press the button "Create". Fill in the required metadata fields, specify the language and if you have a copy of the object, eventually upload a cover page and write some additional information for the internal use only, specify the editor responsible for this object and define if the object is available for review i.e. can be reviewed.

Delete objects for review

Click on the link "Delete". This will also delete the whole object history i.e. all the existing assignments for this object.

Assign a reviewer

Clicking on the link "Assign" (in mode 1) will lead to a list of the journal authors. You can then select the appropriate author from the list, and ask him/her for the object review. This assignment will then appear in the list of the assignments. Note that an object can be assigned several times, to different authors, i.e. reviewed by different authors.

Select an article

Clicking on the link "Select" (in mode 2) will lead to a list of the journal articles. You can then select the appropriate article from the list, that contains the object review.