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Development Roadmap

You will find the OCS development roadmap for 2012 below. Please note that these dates are not fixed. OCS development is currently following two development branches: a 'stable' 2.3.x line which includes mainly bugfixes and will be an easy upgrade; and a 'master' 2.4 line, which includes large-scale changes in the underlying codebase as well as many new features, but is not yet ready for production use.

While we do attempt to list all bugs tracked against a given release, quite often a bug report against one release will be ported to another (this is especially the case with 2.3.x bugfixes into the master branch; less so with 2.4 enhancements into the stable branch). This is also the case with some bugs tracked against other applications such as Open Journal Systems. You are encouraged to browse our Bugzilla database fully.

Milestone 3.0 (Not yet scheduled)

OJS 3.0, described here, will reconcile the departure in coding style pioneered by OMP by bringing OJS back into line, incorporating new UI tools and back-end structures. Broadly speaking this will be a priority for OCS as well, though timelines and plans for OCS are currently less defined. Much of this work will attempt to blur the distinctions between the different applications, further decreasing the amount of distinct code per application and introducing greater flexibility in workflow within each application.

Milestone 2.4 (Not yet scheduled)

PKP currently intends to consider release plans for OCS 2.4 from the master branch after the same has been completed for OJS 2.4. See OJS Milestone 2.4 for details. It is possible that PKP will opt to jump directly to considering OCS 3.0, described below.

Milestone 2.3.x (Ad-hoc scheduling)

As with OJS 2.3.x, OCS 2.3.x releases will be made as necessary to correct security issues or as sufficient minor fixes accumulate to make a release worthwhile.