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Development Roadmap

You will find the OCS development roadmap for 2009 below. Please note that these dates are not fixed. OCS development is currently following two development branches: a 'stable' 2.1.x line which includes mainly bugfixes and will be an easy upgrade for users of the current 2.1.1 release (and who do not need much in the way of new features); and a 'devel' 2.3 line, which includes large-scale changes in the underlying codebase as well as many new features. (OCS numbering will skip from 2.1 to 2.3 to be brought in line with the OJS numbering scheme, as they share a fair amount of the same code.)

While we do attempt to list all bugs tracked against a given release, quite often a bug report against one release will be ported to another (this is especially the case with 2.1.x bugfixes into the devel branch; less so with 2.3 enhancements into the stable branch). This is also the case with some bugs tracked against other applications such as Open Journal Systems. You are encouraged to browse our Bugzilla database fully.

Milestone 2.1.2 (Q1 2009)

This is a planned stability/bugfix release of the 2.1.x line, roughly scheduled for April 2009. Very few new features will be included with this release.

Milestone 2.3 (Q4 2009)

OCS 2.3 is a substantial upgrade from the 2.1.x line, including many new enhancements as well as all relevant bug fixes against 2.1.x., and is loosely scheduled for release around June 2009. This will be the first OCS release that will make use of the new abstracted PKP WAL common codebase. The User Interface will remain largely the same as the 2.1.x line. You can view all bug reports by type:

Milestone 2.3.1 (Q1 2010)

This is a planned stability/bugfix release of the 2.3 line, roughly scheduled for March 2010. Very few new features will be included with this release. With this release, the 2.3 line will be considered stable, and the 2.2 line will reach its end of life except for critical and security bug fixes.

Milestone 3.0 (Not yet slated)

This proposed release will represent a large-scale revamping of the PKP codebase, including the completion of abstracting common code from all applications into the PKP WAL; modularization of the remaining OCS codebase (so that components can be mixed and matched as necessary); substantial and comprehensive User Interface refinements; and further overall code refinements. The release date is largely hypothetical at this point, and no bugs have yet been filed against 3.0.