OCS Roadmap

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OCS Roadmap
Future directions for OCS


Ability to export abstracts, user data, etc. into a tab delimited and/or XML format for manipulation outside of OCS.

Add scheduler

Support for panel submissions

Export list of unpaid registrants.

Add a warning on the final stage of the submission process indicating that by clicking on the button the submission will be complete.

Allow authors to re-submit (if directed by the Director to do so) after submission deadline has passed.

Make Blind Reviews optional, allowing Conference Managers to decide whether or not to include author information in the Submission Metadata, visible to the Reviewer.

Add support for full bilingualism - interface and content

When a registrant pays, have the system generate an email receipt.

Add flexibility to include multiple options for the type of presentation being proposed.

Add flexibility to include more personal information from authors (e.g., title/rank/status of the individual, such as professor, student, professional, etc.)

Ability to set up as a single, one-off conference site

Allow Conference Manager and Director role to be merged for a simpler option

Add some kind of a link back to the main site, in addition to the HOME button, which links back to the Conference home

Add a "review-lite" workflow option that simplifies/reduces the peer-review aspects and allows conference directors to focus on using OCS as an access, scheduling, and general logistical tool for their conference.

Allow Directors/Track Directors to assign themselves ("Assign Self") as the Reviewer for a submission within Director interface

Reword "path" in setup (not an absolute path, but an abbreviation). Perhaps the abbreviation should just be used by default.