OCS 2.3.3-1 Recommended Patches

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The following patches are recommended for OCS 2.3.3-1.

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Applying Patches

Patches can be applied to the codebase using the GNU Patch Tool (available on most *NIX platforms, and as a free download for Windows-based systems).

Each entry below links to the Bugzilla record for the bug in question. Patches are linked from there. Patches against OJS should be applied with the -p1 option from within the OCS installation directory; patches against the PKP library should be applied with the -p1 option from within the lib/pkp subdirectory.

For more information on how to apply patches, please see this discussion in the PKP support forum.


Note that security-related and other critical patches will be clearly identified as such; otherwise, patches should not be considered critical.

Bug #6248: Paper commenting "Add" button broken
Bug #6283: Affiliation not localized in Sched Conf setup form
Bug #5497: Review Due Date mm/dd/yyyy set function not working
Bug #5503: Paper indexing issues
Bug #5547: "No administrative rights" message is missing locale load
Bug #5570: Call-time pass by reference in native import
Bug #5785: Missing "review round" translation
Bug #5787: 404 when clicking "Complete" or "Remove"
Bug #5946: Typo in accommodation.tpl
Bug #6323: Incorrect URL in notification unsubscribe
Bug #6262: Incorrect URL in notification confirm
Bug #5984: Notification unsubscribe typo (apply in lib/pkp)
Bug #6326: Breadcrumb URL for Director's submissions pages presumes Track Director role
Bug #6388: Cancelling Registration enrollment leads to 404
Bug #6392: Character encoding not included in PayPal transaction
Bug #6418: Scheduler link broken
Bug #6481: Comment edit / delete fatal error
Bug #6596: Undefined schedConfId variable in PayPalPlugin
Bug #6597: Missing index on parent_comment_id for commenting
Bug #6598: Registration payment notification email not sent to registrant, missing values
Bug #4887: Custom block manager reference problem with multiple blocks
Bug #6630: User import/export by role calling convention problem
Bug #6629: Registration "Registered" date incorrectly updated
Bug #6552: Instantiation by reference required for PHP4 with metadata form