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Review and Validation

The following items will periodically need review and validation:

  • Reading Tools "Related Items" URLs (stored in XML files shipped with applications)
  • Citation Format plugins ("How to Cite This Item" in the Reading Tools)

Workflow Modes

Workflow can be configured in several modes of operation. The following will need separate testing:


Review Process

  • Standard Review Process
  • Email-based Review Process

One-click reviewer Access

  • Enabled
  • Disabled


  • Open Access
  • Subscription


Submission Process (Scheduled Conference Setup, section 2.1):

  • Abstract
  • Full proposal
  • Abstract and proposal together
  • Abstract followed by proposal

We also have a Selenium Test Suite for all four submission modes.

One-click reviewer access (Scheduled Conference Setup, section 3.2)

  • Enabled
  • Disabled

Access to Conference Presentations (Conference Site Management, section 2.5)

  • Provide open access to all visitors to the website.
  • Require visitors to sign up with the website.
  • Require registration to attend the conference.