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= nl_NL (Norwegian) =  
= nl_NL (Norwegian) =  
'''Current Status:''' Complete
== Contributors ==  
== Contributors ==  

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nl_NL (Norwegian)

Current Status: Complete


Jan Erik Frantsvåg, jan.e.frantsvag@uit.no: Septentrio Academic Publishing / NORA

Karl Henrik Flyum, k.h.flyum@ils.uio.no



Norwegian User and Support Group: http://ojsan.no

Translation Notes

OJS English->Dutch translation words
English Dutch Note
email e-mail
sidebar sidebar no Dutch equivalent
journal tijdschrift
setup instellen
journal manager tijdschriftbeheerder
holding holding no Dutch equivalent
content text
volume volume no common Dutch equivalent
issue nummer
galley proef
review review no common Dutch equivalent
peer review peer review no common Dutch equivalent
eg. bv.
submit inzenden
upload laden
home home no common Dutch equivalent
user gebruiker

Further notes

  • Capitalization rules in dutch differ from those in English. Capitalizing every word in a field-label is not common.