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Moderators of the PKP European Network

The PKP European Network is moderated by several regional coordinators who will view and analyse incoming posts and who will communicate with the central PKP project organization.

Regional Moderators:

Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden: Jörgen Eriksson (Lund University Libraries) & Jan Erik Frantsvåg (Tromsö University Library)
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The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Scotland, Ireland & the UK: Inge Werner (Igitur publishing, Utrecht University Library)

Germany, Austria & Switzerland: Katja Mruck (Freie Universitat)

Spain, Portugal, France & Italy: Vicente Lillo (University of Murcia)

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel: Panagiotis Stathopoulos (National Documentation Centre Greece)

Technical Coordinator: Vicente Lillo (University of Murcia)

The network is supported by SPARC Europe, Astrid van Wesenbeeck