Members Committee Meeting Minutes 29 Nov 2012

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Roll Call:

  • In attendance: Cynthia Archer (Chair), Amy Buckland, Mark Cyzyk, Geoff Harder, Inba Kehoe Jennifer Laherty, Karen Meijer-Kline (Minutes), Holly Mercher, Judith Russell, Kevin Stranack.
  • Regrets: Beth Sandore, Bartek Kawula

Review of Meeting notes from September 28

  • Business arising from notes added to agenda

Draft Members Committee report for the Advisory Committee: Draft: Terms of reference [1] Draft Report to the advisory committee [2]

  • Discussion:
    • Category 5: waiting for input about Latin American regional groups that could be involved. We will save a spot for a Latin American group. When will we contact these groups?

Order of preference:

  1. L-A
  2. African journals online
  3. INASP
  4. SPARC Europe?

Kevin will send an email around about this after input from the PKP team. We might need to increase the number of groups to 4 to include SPARC Europe.

  • Task B. It is proposed to exchange MIT for Athabasca University Press. They could bring challenging ideas, prestige, interesting input etc. If MIT is added then we need to keep SPARC Europe in order to keep a good balance.
  • The question of commercial publishers as sponsors or members. Should we limit their numbers?

No, not if they are willing to give a financial contribution. What comes with this type of membership? A letter of understanding (MOU) is needed that may be different for each one. We do not want them to ‘ride on our street-cred’ or to have a major influence on our governance and decisions. A couple other minor sentences were changed in the draft report.

Update on the Education working group (Amy Buckland):

  • Inba and Amanda from U of A will join the working group. TDL has also been contacted to share their content. Over the next week or two a chat with I & A about what to do for the next meeting. Contacting CDL is also an idea.
  • Setting goals and objectives will be the task for the next meeting.
  • Kevin and Karen are working on a submission to ELPUB conference for June 2013: paper, workshop, and vendor table.
  • Kevin is looking into collaboration around course development with INASP, KNUST. Development of OA journals focused on African journals.

Update on PKP Sustainability (Karen Meijer-Kline)

  • New Gold sponsor: University of Calgary
  • Sponsorship renewals: starting in January 2013
  • Next round of sponsorship requests: starting in January 2013
  • PKP Quarterly Newsletter: First one sent out in January 2013
    • Invitation for information back, so what others are doing as well
    • If there is any feedback on this, as well as feedback on format, then please let Karen and Kevin know
    • Can include a short piece that will feature use of PKP software by a member of the community.

Other Mission statement, Version A has been chosen:

The Public Knowledge Project is dedicated to improving the scholarly and public quality of research, by facilitating online publication of and access to scholarly and creative works. It aims to achieve this through the development of open source software, through the support of online publishing for scholars and creators around the world, and through being an active player in the open access movement.