Members Committee Meeting Minutes 21 Aug 2013

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Location: PKP 2013 conference – Mexico City



  • Vanessa Gabler - University of Pittsburgh
  • Sarah Lippincott - Library Publishing Coalition
  • Susan Murray - AJOL
  • Sioux Cumming- INASP
  • Andrea Kosavic- York University - PKP OCUL-group

Announcements New Bronze sponsor - Open Editions (France) Also interested in being a technical partner focussing on French translations and documentation for OMP.

Establishing community relationships:

  • Karen visited UK conference in London - OA books in HSS, ELPUB in Sweden, both with an OMP focus
  • Vanessa Gabler - University of Edinburgh OJS event
  • Gwen Ebbott will be visiting Brazil soon

Developing an OJS Private LOCKSS network –<Speaking to this: Brian Owen>

  • Goal: Recruit additional partners.
  • Background information: see OJS Private LOCKSS network page [1]

UBC and University of Pittsburgh have already expressed interest. We need several additional partners. Several thousand OJS journals have enabled the LOCKSS plugin in OJS, but nothing happens with these journals at the moment.

  • Outcomes:
    • Jennifer: will ask University of Indiana.
    • Geoff: University of Alberta would be happy to be included.
    • Beth: How much storage would the institution need to support this? Ans: Same amount of storage as for other already running LOCKSS networks. Later this year, with the dataverse plugin, this may change. Beth will take question back to sister institution University of Illinois.
    • Vanessa: what is the timeline? September 16th call with LOCKSS, will inform them of interest and hope to have a more specific timeline then. Rough timeline: 3-6 months.

PKP School Project prototype – <Speaking to this: Kevin Stranack>

  • Goal: Establish group of volunteers to provide feedback

Journal manager course is furthest along. A bug in quizzes, but working on it. Editor course still working on videos. Editorial skills course is also being worked on. Kevin plans to push it through for September.

  • Vanessa: we should talk about how we can contribute to these training materials. Identify specific gaps that we can fill.
  • Kevin: We should think about collecting our educational materials in modules. Maybe also some briefer ones, for example with Crossref educational materials, or ORCID. OMP, advanced OJS topics beyond basics. OJS for Librarians, setting up library publishing services. Library Publishing Coalition would be a great partner here.
  • Sarah will bring the proposal back to the Coalition.

All components will be released CC share alike, which will facilitate translations, community contributions, edits, and changes.

  • Andrea: can you communicate what you are missing? There will be a twitter account for this, for example. Even a Google doc would work. Wishlist.
  • Kevin will start a Google doc wishlist and distribute.

Is there a plan for dealing with a new release? How will updates happen?

  • Kevin: these videos are quite simple, they do take time to make but we have written out the scripts so that we will not have to start from scratch when we need to update. Videos can almost be seen as disposable. This means they are not that slick, but more useful and more sustainable.

There will also be an element of certification or badging. Suggestion: recognition of teams assigned to updating modules.

  • Vanessa: If larger group involved, then diverse feedback and needs will become known.
  • Sarah: can arrange conversation about group involvement with LPC
  • Mark: we are starting to use this, will provide feedback
  • Kevin: African personas included right now because of source of grant funding. More diversity may be added later.