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NOTE: This page is under construction. Real main page is here: Main Page

Welcome! The PKP wiki is a resource for developers, translators, managers and other users to share ideas and work on common problems.

New to PKP?

Head to the PKP website to read up on the various software products produced by PKP, including OJS, OMP, OCS and OHS. You will also find demos and installation instructions there.

Looking for Help?

Your question may already be answered on the PKP Frequently Asked Questions page.

Visit the PKP Forum -- look for an answer, post a question


Visit the PKP Forum -- look for answers, post a question, answer a question

Come hang out with other community members on the #pkp IRC channel on freenode -- New to IRC? Read the IRC Help page.

Come to the PKP Conference 19-21 August in Mexico City

PKP Deutschland-Österreich-Schweiz -- Deutschsprachige PKP-Entwicklerseiten (German PKP Developer Community)

PKP European Network -- a loose collaboration of European institutions and organizations interested in using and advancing the software applications of the Public Knowledge Project.

How to Get Involved

We would love your involvement in the PKP community! There are many ways to contribute, whether it be by contributing code, translations, documentation or answering questions on the forum. Check out the links below:

  • Developers -- PKP has a publicly available git repository. How to contribute.
  • Head to the PKP Forum and see if you can answer some questions. Your expertise may well help somebody else.
  • Read about existing and proposed Projects and Sub-Projects -- these include plugins, core components and other application-level functionality, typically developed in partnership between PKP and other community development partners.

For Users

User Documentation -- for end users of PKP products

Visit the PKP Forum -- look for an answer, post a question, post an answer

For Translators

Translator Documentation -- PKP software has been translated into many languages. Learn how it's done.

For Developers

Developer Documentation -- how to develop PKP software


General Software Milestones -- a rough guide to upcoming PKP software releases for all products

PKP WAL Roadmap -- roadmap for the PKP Web Application Library, a shared codebase common to all PKP applications

Development Cycle -- description of the pattern PKP follows in terms of releases and branches

For PKP Partners

Technical Committee


This is a holding place for content that needs to be categorized -- in the process of figuring out where it belongs.

OJS Recommended Patches

OCS Recommended Patches

OMP Recommended Patches

OHS Recommended Patches

Libraries hosting scholarly content using our software

PKP 2011 Conference Community Pages -- page has link to Hackfest, the PKP 2011 Hackfest community page