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NOTE: This page is under construction. Real main page is here: Main Page

Welcome! The PKP wiki is a resource for developers, translators, managers and other users to share ideas and work on common problems.

Looking for Help?

Your question may already be answered on the PKP Frequently Asked Questions page.

Visit the PKP Forum.


Come hang out on the #pkp IRC channel on freenode -- New to IRC? Read the IRC Help page.

Visit the PKP Forum -- look for answers, post a question, answer a question

Come to the PKP Conference 19-21 August in Mexico City


Contribute code

Contribute translation work

Post on the PKP Forum

Contribute documentation


PKP Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the PKP Forum -- look for answers to questions, post a question

Technical Documentation

General Software Milestones -- a guide to upcoming PKP software releases

For PKP Partners -- committee pages