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|Wishlist Item
|Detailed requirements
|Detailed requirements

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Wishlist Item Detailed requirements Priority Complexity (Low, Medium, High) Action
OJS: Make importing content easier Quick Submit plugin, Expedited Submission Process, and XML importing currently exist. We'd need some detailed specifications on what a better method would look like. 3 requests H
OJS: Some discipline specific issues regarding reviewing and review forms that are not currently well captured in the software. More information required 2 requests ?
OJS: Create a third prefix field for author names, like ‘van Dongen’ or ‘de Jong’. 1 request L
OCS: Integrate OCS payment system into a membership structure - we would like to have a one-stop shop for membership of our organisation and special rates for our conferences 1 request H
OCS: Want to migrate from one OCS conference to another. Existing XML Import/Export tools should meet this need. Need details on how this is insufficient and what should be added/enhanced. 1 request ?
OJS: Scientific character recognition When uploading some content (e.g., abstract text) certain elements of the text are not always recognised, particularly related to scientific symbols. Where this has happened, I need to enter html code for the required symbol into the metadata for it to work. 1 request ?
OJS: Allow italics in title field without having to use explicit html codes that will show in the title in places you do not want them to. 1 request ?
OJS: Most read/downloaded articles This could be a plugin based on article views 1 request M
OJS: Option to link complete issue PDF This could be added to the Issue Data page as an upload box. 1 request M
OJS: Rapid publishing 1 request L
OJS: More detailed help during author submission Detailed text would be required. 1 request M
OJS: Regional workshops 1 request Perhaps PKPEN could sponsor a quarterly series of webinars and/or regional workshops.
OJS: Transform OJS into a full blown repository More information required 1 request H Detailed functional specifications and funding source required.
OJS: Massive archival entry More information required 1 request ?
OJS: more personalization (comments, on exporting options etc) More information required 1 request ?
OJS: authorities (for authors) More information required 1 request ?