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Wishlist Item Detailed requirements Priority Complexity (Low, Medium, High) PKP Action
OJS: Make importing content easier Quick Submit plugin, Expedited Submission Process, and XML importing currently exist. We'd need some detailed specifications on what a better method would look like. 3 requests H Let us know if the existing tools will meet your needs. If not, send us the details of what would make it better for you.
OJS: Massive archival entry Simplified web interface and workflow to input metadata for backfiles. UPatras had implement a previous version not integrated to OJS. Probably need to merge issue with aforementioned (quick submit plugin) 1 request M Same as above.
OJS: Some discipline specific issues regarding reviewing and review forms that are not currently well captured in the software. More information required 2 requests ? If you could send us more details, we could investigate further for you.
OJS: Create a third prefix field for author names, like ‘van Dongen’ or ‘de Jong’. 1 request L We're currently working on making the author names more flexible, so watch for changes in an upcoming release. If you need something like this sooner and have some programming resources, we could guide you on how to make a plugin for this.
OJS: Scientific character recognition When uploading some content (e.g., abstract text) certain elements of the text are not always recognised, particularly related to scientific symbols. Where this has happened, I need to enter html code for the required symbol into the metadata for it to work. 1 request ? JM: Would the MathJax plugin suffice? Should eventually be added to main OJS package.

If you could send us more details on the elements that aren't being recognized, we could investigate further. It would be worth posting this on the main PKP support forum.

OJS: Allow italics in title field without having to use explicit html codes that will show in the title in places you do not want them to. 1 request ? You can follow this bugzilla entry to watch the progress of this one:
OJS: Most read/downloaded articles This could be a plugin based on article views 2 request M This one is already in the plugin gallery:

We'll also add it to the next version:

OJS: Option to link complete issue PDF This could be added to the Issue Data page as an upload box. 1 request M already in the development release:
OJS: Rapid publishing Quick Submit plugin or Expedited Submission process should meet this need. 1 request L As above, let us know if the Quick Submit plugin or import/export tools are insufficient for your needs.
OJS: More detailed help during author submission Detailed text would be required. 1 request M Let us know where authors are getting lost, and also, what text you would recommend to be added (and where it should appear).
OJS: Regional workshops 1 request Perhaps PKPEN could sponsor a quarterly series of webinars and/or regional workshops.
OJS: Transform OJS into a full blown repository More information required 1 request H Detailed functional specifications and funding source required.
OJS: more personalization e.g. comments and additional exporting options Capability to include article comments, capability for additional exporting options 1 request -low priority ? Comments are already available in OJS. If you need additional commenting features, let us know the details.

In terms of exporting, let us know what additional options you are looking for.

OJS: authorities (for authors) Need for authors authorities initially may be organisations later. Autocompletion function based on previous entries. Need when journals expand. No need for central authority interface only locally 2 requests ? M ? We are currently working on an author disambiguation project as part of OMP that might help with this for OJS too. You can find out more here:
OJS: Article page by page/"e-book" view Present article as a e-book with open source ebook reader in a page by page/thumbnail/etc view. Similar to IA book reader (example Have to be implemented by interfacing to an external system 1 request Medium- High The latest version of OJS now embeds PDFs in the page, which is a step toward this. If you are using HTML galleys, there might be some CSS that will help you do something like this. PDF.js is also developing quickly and we're following that, too. If you have some specific ideas about what you'd like to see, let us know. I'd suggest posting to the main support forum, as there will be interest throughout the PKP community in this.
OJS: Dynamic Article cover page generation Automatically create article cover page based on metadata and a pdf template. In beta internal version from EKT 1 request Low We'd love to see the beta and would be happy to review the code.
OJS: Possibility to display the article views to the reader 1 request We're currently expanding what can appear on the article landing page, and this would be a good addition. You can follow developments here:
OJS: Possibility to define new roles and workflow steps 3 request H This is an important part of the OMP development, and will eventually be available in OJS as well.
OJS: Management of article versions 1 request H This is an important part of the OMP development, and will eventually be available in OJS as well.
OJS: Consider translation step and role in the workflow. 1 request ? You can follow the development of this one here:
OJS: More flexible horizontall navigation. 3 request ? Take a look at this and see if it will meet your needs:

If not, let us know what else you are looking for.

OJS: Define workflow steps for each article. 1 request ? This is an important part of the OMP development, and will eventually be available in OJS as well.
OJS: The role of a guest editor, that will just be able to read/preview an unpublished issue. 1 request ? Enrolling someone as both section editor and layout editor should provide them with this functionality.
OJS: Automaticaly extract metadata from the uploaded submission. 1 request ? We'd be very interested in developing this, and have done some preliminary work (you can see it in the citation assistant now in OJS). Moving to what you're describing would be a significant development task, and sounds like the perfect candidate for some joint funding.
OJS: Modern, AJAX based design. 1 request ? This is an important part of the OMP development, and will eventually be available in OJS as well. You can see a preview here:
OJS: Possibility to use different classifications, e.g.: 1 request ? We're working on a project that would allow Journal Managers to curate a controlled vocabulary list. The work that emerges from this could tie into what you are looking for.
OCS: Integrate OCS payment system into a membership structure - we would like to have a one-stop shop for membership of our organisation and special rates for our conferences 1 request H Integration of a separate membership database with the OCS (or OJS) database would be a significant undertaking. This would be another excellent project for a grant application.
OCS: Want to migrate from one OCS conference to another. Existing XML Import/Export tools should meet this need. Need details on how this is insufficient and what should be added/enhanced. 1 request. ? If the existing import/export tools don't meet your needs, let us know what is missing.
OCS: Participant list Automatically create a participant list. Visible on the OCS site from a given date (like registration etc.) with some flexibility (choices) regarding which information will be visible. 1 request medium? You can follow the development of this one here: