Lemon8-XML Roadmap

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Development Roadmap

Milestone 1.0 (Q1 2009)

This is an initial release of the 1.x line, to be shortly deprecated into maintenance mode; we will still be tracking and addressing major / security-related bugs, and you are encouraged to browse our Bugzilla database fully.

Future Development

As of Q3 2009, development on L8X as a stand-alone application has been halted in favour of a refactoring of the L8X functionality into the PKP Web Application Library. The rationale for this approach is to provide direct integration with OJS and OCS, as well as functionality for the initial relase of OMP. Users can expect a major change to bring the UI in line with the rest of the PKP suite, while keeping much of the dynamic interface in 1.x.

PKP WAL Roadmap