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Development Roadmap

Milestone 1.0 (Feb 2009)

This is a planned initial release of the 1.x line, to be shortly deprecated into maintenance mode; we will still be tracking and addressing major / security-related bugs, and you are encouraged to browse our Bugzilla database fully.

Milestone 2.0 (Q4 2009)

This release will be a major refactor of the L8X code onto the PKP WAL common codebase. The major theme of this release will be close integration with OJS and early integration with OMP, as well as a new data model based directly on the ODT format. Users can expect a major change to bring the UI in line with the rest of the PKP suite, while keeping much of the dynamic interface in 1.x.

Major Areas of Development

This list isn't all-inclusive, but should give a good snapshot of current areas of interest.


  • Port application to PKP web application library
  • User self-signup
  • Add form data validation
  • Better error/warning messages (eg. citations, required fields, etc.)
  • Full I18n and L10n to French, Spanish
  • Refactor to add plugin classes: export, metadata schema

Document Parser

  • Investigate alternative DOM-marking approach to retain ODT and display unparsed content

Metadata Editor

  • Enable multiple article ID
  • Add primary author selector / role-aff association
  • Add acknowledgements, reviewers, review dates, etc.
  • Create markup for abstract sections in XHTML
  • Enable collapsable sections (authors, affiliations, etc)

Section Editor

  • Change section heading level
  • Add/paste/edit XHTML tables and sections (TinyMCE)

Citation Editor

  • UI to enable/disable parsers/lookup services & dynamic progress

XML Export

  • XML pre-validation & libxml notices
  • NLM: metadata generation w/full aff linking
  • NLM: Improve figure/abstract/list transformation
  • NLM: Add figures/tables to xref detection
  • NLM: Integrate feedback from Open Medicine
  • Integrate Pubmed Central Style Checker / Article Previewer


  • Allow upload of custom XSL/CSS for preview/export
  • Set default metadata values (eg. copyright statement)