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Development Roadmap

Milestone 1.0 (Feb 2009)

This is a planned initial release of the 1.x line, to be shortly deprecated into maintenance mode so we can focus on 2.0, a major refactor of the L8X code onto the PKP WAL. We will still be tracking and addressing major / security-related bugs, and you are encouraged to browse our Bugzilla database fully.

Milestone 2.0 (Q4 2009)

Major Areas of Development

This list isn't all-inclusive, but should give a good snapshot of current areas of interest.


  • Port application to PKP web application library
  • User self-signup
  • Add form data validation
  • Better error/warning messages (eg. citations, required fields, etc.)
  • Full I18n and L10n to French, Spanish
  • Refactor to add plugin classes: export, metadata schema

Document Parser

  • Investigate alternative DOM-marking approach to retain ODT and display unparsed content

Metadata Editor

  • Enable multiple article ID
  • Add primary author selector / role-aff association
  • Add acknowledgements, reviewers, review dates, etc.
  • Create markup for abstract sections in XHTML
  • Enable collapsable sections (authors, affiliations, etc)

Section Editor

  • Change section heading level
  • Add/paste/edit XHTML tables and sections (TinyMCE)

Citation Editor

  • UI to enable/disable parsers/lookup services & dynamic progress

XML Export

  • XML pre-validation & libxml notices
  • NLM: metadata generation w/full aff linking
  • NLM: Improve figure/abstract/list transformation
  • NLM: Add figures/tables to xref detection
  • NLM: Integrate feedback from Open Medicine
  • Integrate Pubmed Central Style Checker / Article Previewer


  • Allow upload of custom XSL/CSS for preview/export
  • Set default metadata values (eg. copyright statement)