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Development Roadmap

Milestone 1 - Private Alpha Release (Q3/Q4 2007)

Release Objectives: Establish a stable initial preview release.

Citation Parser

  • Major XML refactor
  • Remove NLM-specific generation
  • Citation lookup based on UI metadata, not parsed text (eg. PMID)
  • Add ParaCite parsing
  • Handle embedded URLs and access-dates
  • Use author list as (additional?) Pubmed lookup method


  • Integrate Docvert
  • More informative upload/parsing messages

Milestone 2 - 1.0 Public Beta Release (Current - Q2 2008)

Release Objectives: Remove legacy code and provide a stable foundation for beta testing.

Document Parser

  • Major XML refactor
  • Remove NLM-specific generation and classes
  • Extract section hierarchy

Section Editor

  • Correct reordering
  • Enable delete section
  • Add/upload new figure

Citation Editor

  • Enable add/delete/reorder citations


  • Convert incoming HTML entities in metadata into UTF-8

Milestone 3 - 1.1 Proposed (Q3 2008)


  • Add source code to PKP CVS system
  • Open Bugzilla tracker for issues

XML Export

  • Move xref detection into generateOutputXML() & remove NLM schema; add superscript detection and compare to list of references
  • XML pre-validation
  • Add Docbook DTD export schema
  • Add Erudit DTD export schema

Proposed for Future Release

Metadata Editor

  • Enable multiple article ID
  • Add primary author selector / role-aff association
  • Add acknowledgements, reviewers, review dates, etc.
  • Create markup for abstract sections in XHTML
  • enable collapsable sections (authors, affiliations, etc)

Section Editor

  • Add/paste/edit XHTML table

Citation Editor

  • Lookup/parse UI consistency
  • Citation types and elements mapped to NLM

HTML/PDF Preview

  • Improve PDF XSL (as per OJS development)
  • Tweak XHTML stylesheets for tables/figures

XML Export

  • NLM-XML metadata generation w/full aff linking
  • Integrate Pubmed Central Style Checker / Article Previewer
  • Improve figure/abstract/list transformation
  • Add figures/tables to xref detection


  • Add form data validation
  • Better error/warning messages (eg. citations, required fields, etc.)
  • Full I18n and L10n to French, Spanish (partially complete)

Reported Bugs

  • References with ndash don't get parsed: e.g., [1–6] will not get parsed, but [1-6] will.
  • Parser does not find a title in a .odt when it is in the document properties (Peter Sefton)
  • A large amount of text gets missed in some documents (Peter Sefton)
  • Does not gracefully deal with "et al"
  • Adding author or affiliation goes to error screen
  • Extraneous "Aff1" with nothing attached to it - on first author.
  • Affiliations are numbered by their metadatas ID, not by their sequence.
  • Conflict of interest does not get sent to <back> matter
  • Occasionally random "<name name-style="western">" appear when an article has many, many authors
  • Does not properly output "et al" for citations with more than X authors (6?) (in HTML)
  • Does not at all output <publisher-loc> or <publisher-name>


Five steps to an XML document