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* documentation
* documentation
* implementation / testing
* implementation / testing
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PKP 2011 Hackfest - Integration and Interoperability

What is this?

Integration and Interoperability refers to the ability of PKP software (e.g. OJS or OCS) to interoperate and communicate with other applications.

For example:

  • A journal website may include a blog and a journal. The two should be integrated seamlessly so as not to confuse the user who is trying to navigate both.
  • A scholarly society may run both OJS and OCS and might wish to decrease the duplicated content.
  • A university may want to connect OJS with their existing LDAP directory.
  • A conference may want to publish a conference schedule in a format that's easily downloadable on handheld devices.

We hope that participants will bring ideas and examples with them from their own institutions.

What might be done in this project?

  • specification of plug-ins
  • usability and graphics design
  • documentation
  • implementation / testing