Integration Testing Use Cases

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Integration Testing is automated testing of the web interface, where test code pretends to be a live human being and performs a sequence of tests on the software to ensure that nothing has broken. The technical aspects of this, such as the software environment, are described in Integration Testing. This page describes the actual tests performed on the software.


  • Each test case should have as few dependencies as possible (pre-existing submissions, etc.)
  • Test cases should "play nice" with a normal environment, e.g. they shouldn't leave the system in a broken or unusual state. As much as possible, they should return the system to the state it was in before the test ran.
  • Each test case should be describable in a single line of plain language.
  • Test cases are organized into categories (OA; Subscription; etc.); each category should state its requirements briefly and clearly.

Test Cases

  • Open Access Test Cases (Depends: OJS installation with defaults and a journal)
    • Basic author submission accepted, reviewed and published
  • Subscription Test Cases (Depends: OJS installation with defaults and some published content)
    • Manager configures subscription journal with closed content
    • Manager sets up subscription
    • Reader buys subscription