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Development Roadmap

You will find the Open Harvester Systems development roadmap for 2009 below. Please note that these dates are not fixed.

Milestone 2.3.1 (Q1 2010)

This is a planned stability/bugfix release of the 2.3 line. Very few new features will be included with this release.

Milestone 2.3 (Q1 2009)

Version 2.3 represents a major rewrite of several aspects of the Harvester 2.x line, particularly metadata storage and indexing. Improvements in metadata storage allow the Harvester to operate as an OAI Data Provider as well as an OAI Harvester, allowing it to work in a multi-tiered environment with the potential for conversion between metadata formats. Indexing is now supported via plugins, including support for SOLR/Lucene in addition to the traditional MySQL inverted-index. User accounts are now supported, allowing for the possibility of user-submitted archives that can thereafter be managed to a limited extent by the submitter. Robustness of error handling during harvesting and indexing has also been improved, with new code to detect and correct UTF-8 errors. All of this has been accomplished via the PKP Web Application Platform, which will underpin future releases of the Harvester as well as other well-known PKP applications such as Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Conference Systems (OCS).

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