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Getting Started

Information for Developers -- For community contributors. Includes how to identify existing bugs, contribute code, and set up your development environment.

Installation: Multiple OJS & mOJO -- For sysadmins or developers. How to install an independent OJS for each magazine and manage all of them from your command shell.

Potential issues with RedHat installation -- For sysadmins or developers. Some information on RedHat/CentOS installation not covered by the default documentation.

Development Roadmap and Strategy

General Software Milestones -- a rough guide to upcoming PKP software releases for all products

Development Cycle -- description of the pattern PKP follows in terms of releases and branches

PKP WAL Roadmap -- roadmap for the PKP Web Application Library, a shared codebase common to all PKP applications

Working with Git

Github Documentation for PKP Contributors

Differences between CVS and git for PKP devs

Code Design

JavaScript coding conventions -- the JS coding conventions that PKP uses.

JavaScript widget controllers -- description and explanation of the standard PKP javascript widget controllers that are implemented throughout the codebase.

Router Architecture

AJAX framework

Authorization Framework

Metadata and Filter Framework

Data Access Objects (DAO)

Third Party Library Integration Policy


Front-end Cookbook

Reference Plugins -- These plugins make good examples for plugin developers looking for patterns to follow.


Unit Tests are developer-centric code tests.

Integration Testing is automated testing of the web interface.

User Tests are tests performed by live humans.

Integration Testing Use Cases lists and describes the specific tests run in Integration Testing.

Test Data Creation Suite is a suite of Selenium-based tests that create a basic data set for testing, presentations and workshops, etc.

Usability/Web Design


Translating_OxS -- information on translating any of our software packages, as well as translations already available.

Current Development

Migration issues -- notes on how to backport the new features that were introduced in OMP into other PKP applications