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Warning: This discussion has been superseded by OJS Dashboard


To present a quick overview around submissions, letting users checking their state. Its an start point for users to understand what needs to be done.


  1. By default, make the dashboard context specific. That's the way most users will expect it to be. And add a checkbox at the top of the dashboard content (above the tabs) to enable a site level dashboard. That way we solve two problems at once, making more clear to users what's happening and allowing the filtering of the data.
  2. Use 3 grids:
    1. My authored submission, listing all user submitted submissions.
    2. Unassigned, listing all submissions that have no editor assigned (non editor users should not see this);
    3. Assigned by editor, listing all submissions that have an editor assigned (non editor users should not see this). Use a category grid to present the editors, then the submission as category data. If the actual user has any assigned submissions, his name must be the first in this grid, except after executing a search;
  3. Don't present any grid if there is no data inside of it.
  4. Add possibility to collapse all grids, so users can hide the ones that they are not interested in at the moment.
  5. Hide paging info if there is only one page;
  6. Remove the status from grid 2;


What each user will need to see here will depends on which role they have in the system. To be brief on this presentation we will think of editors that are also authors, the most complete use case.

Submission lists9.jpg

  1. The search box must work for all three lists, for more details, see prototype.
  2. The Assigned by editor grid should have an option to sort by items (assigned submissions), that way it would be easier to see editor by work load. Because we don't have column names, we can add a grid action sort by, that will open options to select the column.


It's incomplete because I couldn't produce something better quickly. I spent too much time to make a prototype worth it, so I decided to stop and present what I already have.

Try to search for 'George Orwell' (only works for this name). Then erase that search and try again but only inside the Unassigned grid, author column, again by 'George Orwell'.

The idea is that users can add as many as searches as they want, and delete the ones that they want too. The search box is inspired in google search box, specially the google docs one.

Download the prototype here. Unzip it and double click on index.htm to open it.

Bug entry

Bug #7138