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Project Contacts

Project Information

PKP and CrossRef are collaborating to help publishers and journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS) take better advantage of CrossRef services. As of 2014, PKP has become a Sponsoring Entity of CrossRef, and as such will be providing much improved CrossRef integration and overall support for the service. Additionally, PKP can now act as a sponsor representative for OJS journals wishing to apply for CrossRef membership, and is in some cases able to waive fees.

DOI and Associated Metadata Export

PKP is working with CrossRef to improve the level of overall DOI export support provided within OJS. OJS has included a basic manual export plugin for several years; this plugin will be extended in the following ways, and will be freely available to any journal using OJS (2.4.5+).

- automatic DOI deposit to CrossRef on article publication (2.4.5); – inclusion of other article metadata in the CrossRef deposit, including author ORCID iDs; article abstracts; and more (OJS 2.4.5); – inclusion of FundRef funding data (forthcoming); – support for the CrossMark publication record service (forthcoming); – and more.

PKP as Sponsoring Entity

As a CrossRef Sponsoring Entity, PKP can also act as sponsor and representative for other journals to join CrossRef through PKP. Journals from low-income countries may be eligible for sponsorship, allowing these journals to become CrossRef members and deposit DOIs into the CrossRef system at no cost.

Eligible countries

Afghanistan (LIC) Central African Republic (LIC) Gambia (LIC) Liberia (LIC) Niger (LIC) Sudan (LMC)
Bangladesh (LIC) Chad (LIC) Guinea (LIC) Madagascar (LIC) Pakistan (LMC) Tajikistan (LIC)
Benin (LIC) Comoros (LIC) Guinea-Bassau (LIC) Malawi (LIC) Rwanda (LIC) Tanzania (LIC)
Benin (LIC) Congo, Democratic Republic (LIC) Haiti (LIC) Mali (LIC) Sao Tome and Principe (LMC) Togo (LIC)
Burkina Faso (LIC) Cote d’Ivoire (LMC) Kenya (LIC) Mauritania (LMC) Senegal (LMC) Uganda (LIC)
Burundi (LIC) Djibouti (LMC) Korea, Democratic Republic (LIC) Mozambique (LIC) Sierra Leone (LIC) Yemen Republic (LMC)
Cambodia (LIC) Eritrea (LIC) Kyrgyz Republic (LMC) Myanmar (LIC) Somalia (LIC) Zambia (LMC)
Cameroon (LMC) Ethiopia (LIC) LAO PDR (LMC) Nepal (LIC) South Sudan (LMC) Zimbabwe (LIC)

For further eligibility criteria and any other information, contact us.

PKP Publishing Services clients

PKP Publishing Services provides additional CrossRef support. All hosted clients can rely on our internal expertise to assist with plugin setup and support. Additionally, Enterprise clients will now have CrossRef represented membership and DOI deposits included as part of the Enterprise hosting package. For more information, please contact us.

How to Configure OJS for Automatic Deposits (OJS 2.4.5+)

1. Ensure that all Journal Setup steps that the CrossRef plugin requires have been filled in. Under Journal Setup Step 1, you will need the following:

  • Journal Title
  • Journal Initials
  • Journal Abbreviation
  • Journal ISSN (or electronic ISSN)
  • Principal Contact (name and email)
  • Technical Support Contact (name and email)
  • Publisher (Institution and URL)

2. Enable and configure the "DOI" public identifier plugin at System Plugins -> Public Identifier Plugins ->DOI Plugin.

  • First, Enable the plugin; then configure the plugin Settings.
  • For plugin settings, ensure that you have only Articles and Supplementary Files checked for depositing Journal Content.
  • You must also include a DOI prefix which you get from CrossRef, and additionally must configure the DOI suffix. We strongly recommend using the default patterns if you are a new journal and have not previously had DOIs issued.

3. Configure the CrossRef Deposit Plugin. This can be done from Import/Export -> CrossRef Export/Registration Plugin.

  • The plugin will tell you whether the overall system requirements have been satisfied.
  • Depositor name and email will be initially retrieved from the journal's Primary Contact information, but you can change this if you like.
  • If you have your CrossRef login credentials, you can supply them here and enable automatic DOI deposit.