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-intro to the project-

Project Contacts

Project Information

This project offers an extension of the existing DOI support for OJS. While OJS has for a long time offered the ability to produce XML to send to crossref, it now offers the ability to submit that XML without manual intervention. Setting up this service requires configuration of TWO plugins. First, it is the "Public Identifier Plugin" that can be found in the category of that name. Some documentation regarding this category can be found here. The second is in the "import/export" plugin category that now has settings that need to be entered, including CrossRef member credentials.

Information for testers

There are three aspects of testing that need to be tested.

1. Basic plugin workings. Exporting things, saving settings, acron tasks getting installed, links working, etc.

  • Should be able to select articles, issues, or from unregistered items for export or registration
  • Export should produce an XML file, Registering should upload one to CrossRef
  • Upon installation (or upgrade) an acron task should be loaded to execute CrossrefInfoSender regularly
  • known bug: I think clicking "export" link next to article name was not working. Selecting checkbox and hitting "export" at bottom was.

2. Checking the XML output. This can be exported the traditional way and someone can manually look over the XML and upload it for validation.

  • The XML produce has changed somewhat since the last version of the plugin.
  • basic sanity checks are needed (is metadata in file correct)
  • but also XML produced should be checked and uploaded to crossref manually for verification at

3. The automatic registration and subsequent check deposit status.

  • should only work is "automatic registration is enabled
  • The driver of the automatic registration can be found here. Especially in the "execute" method. The logic is essentially:
    • grab of journals that have "automatic registration" turned on
    • grab all unregistered objects for that journal
    • update the deposit status by doing one of two checks:
      • check the new API to see if there was at least one successful deposit
      • search for the DOI on and mark as registered if you found the DOI from a previous deposit
    • for everything that remains unregistered, submit the XML produced (see above) to the new API
  • To check, see the "unregistered objects" page in the plugin. Upon first run, all unregistered items should report a "submitted" status until processing happens. Checking back on that page, items should begin to disappear.

Internal (PKP) notes

- The documentation at [DOIPluginsDocumentation] needs updating to include the fact that CrossRef can now also be automatically registered - Should decide how to handle existing items. Should everything be marked as registered upon plugin installation? Should user be warned when enabling automatic installation?