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From John:

If continuous publication is chosen, it does not affect the Editor’s functions Create Issue, Future Issue, or Back Issues (although with Continuous Publication the Editors will not create issues to publish articles). Replace 4.2 with this:

Provide readers, in About the Journal, with a statement about the publishing model used by this journal and the expected frequency of publication. 


(  ) Continuous publication by article, as part of a volume.

Volume annually advances, beginning with volume [___] for year [2013]. [Record]
Table of Contents will display recent articles, with options for readers to select Recent by Section; Most Viewed; and Most Viewed/Section. 
Items listed in Table of Contents [20]  (Will draw from earlier volume as needed.) [Record]

(  ) Publication of articles by issue volume and number. 
Editor will create an issue, identify it by volume and number and publish it when all articles 
are in place in the Table of Contents.

In Setup 4.5 add a third item to “Select one”:
( ) A copyediting stage will not be employed in this journal.

In Setup 4.7 add to “Select one”:
( ) A proofreading stage will not be employed in this journal.


From John:

With Continuous Publication and APF, the “Publish in” pulldown is set at current volume and year (and can be overridden), APF reminders can be sent to authors and the level paid is noted (for editor verification). The “record” button publishes article to current volume. Publication replaces Scheduling and is placed below Proofreading, as the final item in the new Production stage for OJS.

1. CHANGE...

Schedule for publication in  [To Be Assigned]   [Record]


Publish in  [↓Vol 4., 2013↓]    APF: Pending  	 	[APF Reminder] 
Publish in  [↓Vol 4., 2013↓]    APF: Level I    2013-12-2	[APF Reminder] 
Publish in  [↓Vol 4., 2013↓]    APF: Level 1   2013-12-2	 [APF Reminder] 
[Record]    Published 2013-12-23  in Vol. 4, 2013 by Jwillinsky

Without APF or Continuous Publication selected, the “Record” button still appears in the Publication Section of the article, but this only adds the article to Table of Contents (where the “Publish” button is located).

Publish in  [Vol 4., 2013↓]    
[Record]    Sent to Table of Contents 2013-12-23 by Jwillinsky